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Zanzibar is an island that reflects the ebb and flow of trade, cultural influences, and the impact of colonialism, shaping the unique identity of the islands, soaked in culture and history this is a destination which brought adventurers, seafarers and traders from far and wide. The Zanzibar, an archipelago off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean is made up of the larger islands of Pemba and Unguja (also called Zanzibar Island). Zanzibar is also known as the ‘Spice Island’ due to the delicious variety of spices grown on the island’s many plantations. We will happily plan your Nairobi to Zanzibar Tour Packages.

Stone Town, a World Heritage Site that stands as a living testament to the diverse influences that have shaped Zanzibar over the centuries. It continues to attract visitors with its narrow alleyways, vibrant markets, historical sites, and a rich cultural tapestry that reflects the island’s past and present.

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